Cable key rings are increasingly replacing traditional key chains due to the ease and comfort that come with the former. Key chains can be a hassle when it comes to the frequent removal or addition of keys.

That’s why our cable key rings are part of our everyday products. Let’s have an overview of our cable key ring specifications in this article.

Advantages of Using a Cable Key Ring

Traditional key rings can be a pain, especially if you remove, add, or rearrange things on them. We often bang up our fingers and nails when arranging keys on these.

A cable key ring is the best solution to this issue. A cable key ring is a loop of small gauge wire with a metal clasp instead of a tight metal ring with overlapping prongs seen in a traditional key ring. The good thing is that you can open and close the clasp, joining the two ends of the cable key ring together in a matter of seconds. Now, no more fighting with traditional key ring prongs to add or remove anything from them.

If you are concerned that such an easy-opening cable key ring can open in your pocket and let all keys fall apart, don’t worry; the metal barrel clasp won’t let it happen.

What Makes us Special?

Our cable key rings are the perfect companions for your keys. Some of the salient features of our cable key rings are:

  • 4-inch cable, engineered to withstand more weight than a traditional key ring.
  • It has the perfect length to house your keys.
  • Thin and flexible enough to fit well in your pocket, purse, shopping bag, or backpack,
  • It provides the convenience of adding or removing keys due to its easy-to-open metal clasp but also holds up well, not loosening on its own.
  • A complimentary Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 comes with a cable key ring.
  • It’s available in two colors: stainless steel in its original color and black vinyl coated.
  • You get a pack of three cable rings.
  • Made of 100% stainless steel, which guarantees its long life.
  • Long-lasting as it is water-and weather-proof; no more rusting.
  • Flexible enough to handle and make room in a pocket.
  • Multipurpose use for hanging keys, luggage tags, dog tags, multi-tools, pen drives, and flashlights.
  • You can add it to your backpack, school bag, or anything with a pocket clip.
  • Different key rings can be linked together to make a larger loop that can house more things.

Now there is no more pain to add or remove keys from your cable key ring, and no more time wasted or broken nails while dealing with old key ring prongs. Just open up the metal clasps and fit in the things you need, arranging them as you wish.

On one hand, these cable key rings bring comfort and ease of use, while the complementary Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 has its benefits. It is designed to last and built to blend in with your current key setup. It is an edge that assists you in your everyday life, as a bottle opener that goes with your keys wherever you go. A handy tool that helps you to open a package while slicing through the stubborn tape and plastic wrappings or as a bottle opener going through even airport security.

If you are bored of your traditional key ring, try our sturdy, flexible, durable, and easy-to-handle cable key rings that bring more comfort and ease than you ever imagined. Paired with a Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0, this is an additional perk that you won’t want to let go of. Grab the opportunity and order one pack of cable rings for yourself.