Technology is part and parcel of our lives, and home automation is no exception. Smart automation incorporates internet, software, and hardware technology in home and lifestyle products. This includes lighting, security systems, entertainment sets, and temperature systems that can be controlled by tapping a smartphone app or a voice command. With the growing smart home installation companies on the market, knowing which company offers what type of services is important. Here we discuss the nine smart home installation companies that you can explore to add that extra comfort and security to your life.


Launched in 2014 and based in New York is a company that specializes in home security. Their collection of security cameras, sirens, and monitors offers the state of the art technology that offers smart home installation services. 

Google Nest 

Google technologies have not only taken over the internet but also in smart home installation systems. It is mainly due to its wide range of home automation products that have made life as simple as an internet search click. With smart cameras, doorbells, speakers, and thermostats at Google Nest,  it is super easy to integrate security systems through one platform.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Cloud allows you to connect Home Assistant, a free home automation software for home security systems, all in one place. With technologies like Eco Dot smart speakers and Eco Show smart display, Alexa can enable you to control and integrate home control systems.

August Home

August Home, founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, specializes in smart locks and door security cameras. Their products provide effortless monitoring through a smartphone. This can enable you to keep a check on the people who enter in and out of your home with convenience.


Ring is another smart home installation company operating in doorbells, cameras and alarms. The company also allows users to connect and discuss neighborhood security through the social platform Network. 


This company has made a name for itself in the sound system industry. The company lives up to its reviews with artistic,  dynamic sound quality and whole home audio systems. According to the New York Times, Sonos is the best option for sound systems. 

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung offers a worldwide trusted set of technologies when it comes to smart home automation. The SmartThings app lets you control TV, sound, sound systems, and other devices.


Savant is considered a leading company for smart home systems. It was founded in 2005 and syncs all the home automation in a smartphone. They have evolved from simple home automation to even provide backup power when it goes out. 


If you're looking for smart lighting systems and solutions. With their technologies, you can automate all lights, their dimness, and brightness, intensity relative to the occasion, and create the perfect ambiance.

With this list, you can create the perfect smart home and an advancing, effortless, and easy lifestyle. Whether it comes to security, light, or sound systems, smart home automation is the new lifestyle you can easily venture into. Just google or search for home automation companies in your locale. Reading up before consulting your local home automation service provider is better. Strive for a smarter and simple life, and never miss out on the advancing technology that makes your life less hectic.