Mechanical Pencil Erasers

If you are an artist, writer, surveyor, or engineer, you may need to do a lot of pencil work with a lot of erasing. In that case, you will need a good-quality pencil as well as an eraser.

If you don’t want to waste time trying different pencils, we recommend you go for our mechanical pencils with erasers. You will find it a perfect fit for your work. The good thing is that the refill option is available for both pencil and mechanical pencil erasers. Just buy it once and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Our Specialty

 Grafton pens or pencils stand out due to their high quality and classic design. If you need a smoother writing experience, a better grip, and an elegant, classy appearance, then a mechanical pencil with an eraser is the best option for you.

What makes us stand out from the rest are the following features:

  • The 100% anodized 6061 aluminum pen body has an extremely long lifespan.
  • Rightly weighted, that makes holding the pencil very easy without making your hand ache.
  • Easy to hold on paper or in your pocket with a heavy-duty bolt-on clip.
  • Reliable, everlasting design that never goes out of fashion.
  • Different lead refills can be used (.5mm and .7mm) with matching lead reservoirs.
  • The ideal length of 145 mm and diameter of 11 mm give fine writing.

The thoughtful design of a mechanical pencil inside a pen body won’t let it break. Also, many of you are already using Grafton pens, so you might be interested in making a pen set with the same colored matching pencil. Keeping that in mind, we are making it available in a variety of colors. The extra lead reservoir that comes with the pencil makes it last a long time.

No Compromise on Quality

Due to the premium quality of lead in mechanical pencils, it won’t break easily, and this quality enables it to be used in woodworking and 3D printing with different marking tools. Extremely smooth writing and comfortable holding with a good grip and no extra weight. Color options allow you to match it with your belongings or a Grafton pen to make a set of both a pen and a pencil.

And guess what else mechanical pencils have going for them? Yes, it comes with a refillable eraser. If your work requires much writing with frequent mistakes, along with a lead refill in a pencil, you can refill the eraser in your Grafton mechanical pencil. We have made these pencil erasers available in a pack of 10.

The benefit of having an eraser with your pencil is taken for granted. Imagine you are making notes and need a lot of erasing. If your work demands speedy writing or drawing, it would be a big chore to put the pencil down, pick up an eraser, do the erasing, and then pick up the pencil again for writing. You might miss important points or your object might move during sketching if you are delaying it due to repeated erasing.

Get the benefit of mechanical pencil erasers; just flip the pencil over to erase a mistake and get back to work. Also, the premium-quality eraser works finely with no smudging, and the mistake is completely gone. If you are looking for an elegant-looking pencil with a pen body and an eraser at the end, and that comes with a lead refill reservoir and the option of an eraser refill too, the Grafton mechanical pencil suits you the best. Make a set with your matching Grafton pens or other accessories, and interchangeable lead reservoirs won’t let to run out of lead. If you have a fine taste for writing instruments, don’t waste time picking and choosing; simply go for a mechanical pencil with an eraser.