Gone are the days when traditional key rings were used. Nowadays, we have the option of cable key rings, which combine ease with style. Our cable key rings are the perfect companion for your keys.

If you are interested in knowing how our cable key rings are superior to others, let’s go through this article.

Cable Key Rings Versus Traditional Key Rings

The reason that traditional key rings have been increasingly replaced by cable key rings is because of some features that are unique to the latter.

  • A cable key ring is a loop of small gauge wire with a metal barrel clasp that meets the two ends of the wire. Unlike this, a key ring has a metal ring with overlapping prongs.

  • With a connector to fix and lock two ends of the wire, it’s much easier to add or remove items to or from the loop by screwing or loosening the connector. The traditional key chain has a tight metal ring, in which adding or removing something is quite a difficult task.
  • The cable key ring has a connectable cable; you can connect two or more chains to make a longer length or a larger loop.

What Makes us Special?

Our cable key rings are the perfect companion for your keys. Some salient features of our wire key ring are:

  • These are engineered to withstand more weight due to the 4in.  cable.
  • Not only can you use cable rings as a key chain cable, but it is strong enough to hang other small tools like knives, flashlights, multi-tools, hanging kitchen utensils, zipper pulls, luggage tags, jewelry, pendants, etc.
  • Available in a pack of three to bring maximum benefit to you.
  • More durable and longer lasting due to 100% stainless steel.
  • These offer a lot more flexibility to add things on.
  • A cable key ring is much more comfortable to fit in the pocket than the traditional key ring.
  • Linking together several items hanging without getting loose.
  • It makes it very easy to remove the keys and join the cable key ring back with a metal barrel clasp, no need to move keys over prongs like seen in traditional key rings.
  • A firm grip with flexibility enables it to be used to secure fences.
  • It is lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere, and it’s great for keeping your belongings organized.
  • Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 comes as a complementary tool with cable key rings.
  • There are two colors available; stainless steel original and black vinyl coated.
  • Economical, as they have tons of uses for the given price.

The Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 blends well with your current key setup. It serves as an edge that assists in your everyday life as a multipurpose tool and as a bottle opener that’s always with you.

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