Matte OD Green

Keeping a good quality pen may be a job requirement for some while a hobby for others. Whatever the situation, our Super Matte OD Green Grafton pen lives up to your expectations. We don’t compromise on quality, which is why we created one of the best pens, OD Green.

From color to finish, ink to grip, the refill option, and its long life, everything makes this green pen stand out from the rest. You should not miss the opportunity to try OD Green as one of the exceptional Grafton Everman pens. Let’s see what the unique traits of this pen are that make it special.

What is so Special About OD Green?

The OD Greens belong to our new line of Matte Graftons that have some special features:

  • Enhanced protective coating not only increases the mechanical durability of the OD green body but gives this green pen a rich exterior hue and texture that is very unique.
  • The heavily grooved structure produced through deeper machining and matte texture enables a stable grip on the pen. This also decreases the chance of it slipping out of your hand.
  • A sturdy bolted clip not only adds a feather to its beauty but also makes holding your green pen in your pocket or on paper quite easy.
  • The option of refilling with multiple gel cartridges such as Bic gel, Uniball, Jetstream, Pilot G2, Fisher Space Pen, Monteverde ballpoint, Parker gel, and ballpoint refill cartridges prolongs OD green life with ease.
  • Excellent fit and finish of our handsomely minimalistic OD green pen.
  • Smooth working, like a stream running down an ice-covered mountain, provides an excellent writing experience.

Though the entire family of Grafton is specially designed, OD Green is the best fit for you providing a tactical advantage. Next time the thought of buying a new pen comes to your mind, don’t forget OD green as one of the best Grafton Everyman pens.

What Features Should I Look for While Buying a Pen?

Before making your decision about buying our OD green pen, just think for a moment about the qualities you need to look for in the best quality pen, and then try to find these in our OD green.

  1. Best fit: Just as you have good taste in your clothes and shoes, try to maintain it while having a pen. Don’t compromise on its quality, and if you want to match it with your accessories, no problem; you can have our matching Graftons.
  2. Fine finish: The first thing that attracts you before trying a pen is its finish. The classy and elegant looks of a pen come from its fine finish.
  3. Well balanced: No matter how beautiful a pen appears, it is useless if it’s too heavy to hold in your hand or not expertly weighted, tilting down from the head or tail end. Keeping that in mind, we have created a perfectly balanced OD green.
  4. Smooth working: Here comes the real job of a pen for which you purchased it: writing. An ideal pen writes as smoothly as raindrops slipping on a raincoat.
  5. Long life: You can’t afford to buy a new pen now and then. The option of refilling is a great opportunity that enables you to reuse a good pen again and again and enjoy its company for a long time.

If you have failed to find one pen with the abovementioned qualities, don’t be disappointed, we have brought OD green as one of the best Grafton pens. Step up your tactical advantage with this handsomely minimalistic yet rugged Super Matte OD Green Grafton.